Spring Awakening

Spring is always a time when we clean out our closets, throw out our old clothes, and start something new. It may be starting that diet that didn’t work at the New Year, maybe you decided to start training for your first marathon, or maybe you are like me and you are taking the risk to start your new business, but whatever it is Spring is the time to do it.

Awaken yourself. Awaken your soul. And ask yourself, how am I going to start this new season of re-birth?

I have chosen to take the plunge and start my new business, Pocket Owl Press, here I will be bringing you the wisdom of words, language, and media at your fingertips. I will be bringing you tips on how to get your company more hits through social media, as well as sharing stories about myself, my journey and experience. I will also be sharing my love of children’s books through monthly reviews of  a book, fashion articles about LA based shows, clothing reviews, and new products, and once the summer hits, I will be sharing all about southern California food and win festivals. If you ever have suggestions for reviews about books or Southern California festivals, email me and I can see what I can cover.


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