Excuse the Absence

Wow – I haven’t written for myself in 69 days! I counted to confirm the time that has elapsed. Let me debrief you on why I haven’t written in 69 days. It all started off like this:

When last I posted it was May 1! At that point the semester was winding down very quickly for my students and I, and I knew that I needed to focus on grading and prepping everyone for the finals to come. I had to make sure everyone knew what their grades were, had their work passed back to them, and that we wrapped up all our loose ends. I decided then that I would allow myself the month off to give my students what they deserved, my full attention.

So I did just that. I made sure I was at all my office hours, I even had additional time allotted for my students that needed the extra help. I was constantly checking email, calculating grades, double checking the finals I had written. Did they make sense? I made sure to create powerpoints to help my students prepare for their final exam. I totally rocked it out!

And then the unexpected happened.

The last week of class instruction came up quickly and I was telling my classes good-bye and giving them their reviews and my boyfriend and I had plans to go to dinner, nothing too extraordinary. On Wednesday night, May 9 my boyfriend and I met up with some friends for someone’s birthday and had cocktails. Afterwards Jacob and I made our way to the Yard House for dinner and we talked and hung out. I told him how excited it I was to have summer vacation off. I was going to write, read, and do NOTHING (HA!). We were so stuffed from dinner Jacob asked me if I wanted to go down to Huntington Beach and walk off dinner. I only had one more class to give their final review to so I said yes. In my head I was already on summer vacation!

We made our way down to Huntington Beach from Brea and got out of the car. Jacob and I walked the pier and people watched. He had his arm wrapped around me and it was a moment of simple bliss. We talked about the moon, the tide, and what we thought about the water temperature (the stuff love sonnets are made from, right?)

And then my boyfriend of 3 years got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!


I had two thoughts in my head at that moment: 1) Holy shit, this is NOT happening right now and 2) Did he ask my dad!?! OK, please don’t think ill of me for the thoughts, but I had mentally prepared myself to not get engaged for at least another year! I am just getting my barrings on teaching, being an adult, and figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Haha – I am still asking myself that as I type this!

Regardless, I was not prepared for this moment of joy! I did say yes, because regardless of my insecurity in myself, I do know that I want to marry Jacob and spend the rest of my life with him.

So in the last 69 days I have wrapped up my first year as a Business Writing Professor, got engaged, been shopping for wedding venues, sent out engagement announcements, oh and re-launched a theme park (which is for a whole different post!)

Today was my first REAL day of summer vacation. I have from now until August 1 to enjoy some time to myself, after August 1 I go back to prepping for school, prepping for my engagement party, getting ready for JBR Clothing to send me to Magic to cover that for them and everything else! I have always had a problem with doing too many things at once, but for now, I think I am content to take the month slow, because I have been sprinting a marathon for the last 69 days. And I am pretty sure I will start my next sprint for a marathon August 1 to July 13 of next year (our tentative date) so I need to do nothing…..well except for write, until then!

So please, dear friends, followers, fans, and by-standers, start coming back and checking in. I will write once more! And think, now my crazy family is planning a wedding, who knows what fun stories I will have for you!

**M for Pocket Owl Press**


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