Rockabilly Tattoo History

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For those of us who live the retro rockabilly lifestyle, it is not uncommon to have a tattoo or two, or maybe even five, but it still seems that society has a way of judging those people who wear their art on their bodies. Tattoos are far more acceptable now than they were in the 1950’s, but we still want to look at those who  helped make the rockabilly tattoos we love today. For the rockabilly lover this is a way of life, wearing your art on your body.

During the 1950’s, when must of the world was celebrating over the end of the two World Wars and suburbs were sprouting up wherever the eye fell, and the music was sugary and sweet came a new sound – rock and roll. Out of rock and roll came musicians who blended swing, blue grass, and blues together, resulting in rockabilly music.

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