Happy Birthday to Me, A Self-Reflection on Another Year Passed

Every year around my birthday two things happen: 1) I always become depressed and moody and 2) I like to reflect on the year I have had. I am sure it seems weird to get depressed about your birthday, but I do. And no, it is not because I am aging, come on people I will be a mere 26 years old! I think I have a tendency to be in a funk because I think about all the opportunities I have lost and my overactive mind spirals into an abyss of despair. Instead of celebrating my completion of another year of life I am left looking at my cake as half eaten, and I am here at that cross road again……

Now I would be lying to you all if I didn’t say that I am in that same birthday spiral. And the fact that I have battled with some pretty whiny students about their mid-semester reports has not helped to lift this mood of mine, but what I really started to think about was this: this last year has been one of the best ones of my life.

I have to be completely honest, 25 has kicked some major ass for me! At the start of the year I was able to purchase my first car! Now, I have been lucky enough to always have a car, but I got to buy a NEW CAR! Not a jalopy that was a hand me down, with windows that wouldn’t roll up, a door that didn’t lock, and a upholstery that is just plain frightening!   I got to buy my dream car, a 2011 Toyota Corolla in the grey magnet color, with a sun roof! I felt like I was a baller!

Not only was I able to buy a new car this last year, during the Spring semester of school I was asked to teach 3 classes! I had never taught that many courses before and for the first time in a very long time I was able to afford to pay my bills without freaking out. Again, I have been blessed, I was always able to pay my bills, but barely. By the end of each month I would be stressing thinking were I would get just a little more cash, not anymore!

Then the very last week of the Spring semester another life changing even happened, my boyfriend proposed to me! If you remember, it was a HUGE surprise to me! Even today I can’t believe that we are on the road to getting married!

Over summer I worked like a maniac helping to re-launch an amusement park, and I feel like the time flew by.

The fall semester started and I got 4 classes!!!! (In retrospect I will NOT be doing that again, but you live and you learn there). I registered for my first half marathon (to be run in January). I ran a 5K color run, and oh so much more!

Now the year is quickly wrapping up, both on my year of being 25, as well as the calendar year. In some ways I am scared to say good bye to 25. If it was so good does that mean 26 will by default have to cancel it out and be not so awesome…….?


I refuse to think that next year won’t be short of kick ass, I mean I am getting married!!!!! 26 will just be an extension of the awesomeness that 25 was. Maybe I will say I am repeating 25.

At the very least 26 will bring the following: the completion of my first 10K, the completion of my first half marathon, engagement photos, bridal shower, bachelorette party, my marriage and honeymoon, my first house, OMG the first time I have my OWN place!

It’s kind of funny, even in the process of writing this I am more excited for my birthday. And while I know that there aren’t too many followers on this little blog of mine, I hope and wish that with every little post it brings one chuckle to your lips.

I mean at the end of the day, what is there really to be sad about? At least I am alive and breathing for one more day. So rock on my friends, and join me in having another slice of cake, because even if the cake is half eaten, on your birthday there is always another piece to be had!

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