And So It Begins – NaNoWriMo

HAPPY NaNoWriMo!!!!!

Last year I found out about the National Novel Writing Month, one day prior to the end of it and was utterly devastate by the news. As a great closet writer, I am always attempting to find reasons to spend less time grading my students work, and more time writing for myself.

I am slightly narcissistic in that I think that this was invented specifically for me. My birthday is in November, November is my favorite month out of the year, and there are people encouraging me to write a novel, what more can a woman want for? Let me tell you, nothing!

Now, I will state this, I don’t think it really hit me that by being such an avid enthusiast of this project that it means I am saying, “Hey world, I am going to commit to writing 50,000 words!” It made my heart skip a beat for half a second, because as you know I can sometimes barely commit to posting to this blog. I always have the best of intentions, but the darn semester starts into swing and the next thing I know I have grading up to my armpits to do!



But this year, no excuses. I am going to take this as a challenge to write the stories I have always wanted. At this point, many of the characters that have lived in my head feel like old friends. Maybe by the end of the month they will have the chance to see the light of day!
So cheers to all of us writers that are going to do this undertaking! I wish each of you the best of luck, and if you feel down, you should check out this link from the LA Times. It is an older article on NaNoWriMo, but it is a sweet little piece that makes you feel like you are not alone.
Lets pick up our paper, pens, laptops, tablets, WHATEVER and write our stories for the world!


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