Too Plugged In?

So I waste spend a lot of time cruising the internet. I consider it part of my job description to do so. I mean, how does one get better at social media marketing when you aren’t on the internet? I am constantly plugged in.

If I am not on my laptop I am on my cell phone, if I am not on my cell phone I am on my Kindle Fire, if I am not on that I am on the company iPad. I am always on something. Last night I was laying in bed and contemplating what I should do to help me wind down and relax. I immediately went to my phone, but I realized that normally makes me more awake. I couldn’t write for NaNoWriMo because it would amp me up. Then it hit me, I could get a BOOK!


OK, I know it should be a joke, I mean me, the woman who posted about the trauma of having to package my books, but really it felt like a shock. I think in the last year that I have started my business, taught more courses, started planning a wedding, I have spent less time reading than at any point in my life!

Mind = Blown. That is so not who I am….or maybe who I used to be. It seemed a little sad that at this point in my life I do not spend it enjoying books the way I used to. And then I got to thinking about something, I spend more time worrying about what is going on outside of me that I haven’t been mindful of my own state of being. What I mean is this:

Jacob and I enjoy playing games on our phones, we like to challenge each other to words with friends (sad to say, he kicks my ass every time). When we are laying in bed we both spend time on the phone texting other people.

I don’t blame Jacob for this, I actually blame myself. I have let my addiction to work and my friends sometimes get in the way. I am not saying we have a crumbling relationship, but what I am saying is this. I think I may be plugged in to the tenth power or something.

I am not sure when my phone, social media, and my laptop became the center of my universe. I know I should advocate the use of social media….and I do…but at what point do we turn ourselves off?

I suppose in a way it is hypocritical to even be writing this because it is meant for others to read, but it is something I want to know more about. How many of us are out there being somewhat conned into thinking that this should be our lives? I never thought I would be a person that would spend more time on my phone than enjoying someone’s company, but I am.

I am not trying to start a movement or say that we need to throw out all our technology, what I think is that we need to promise ourselves to unplug. I mean really do it.

Turn off your cell phone, turn off the computer, maybe you should simply go and sit outside. I used to do that. Go outside and sit under a tree and watch the people around me. In fact, doing that often gave me the best inspiration for stories.

Come on people, look at those colors! You can’t tell me that doesn’t move you just a little.

So what are all of us going to do in order to be more present? Unplug yourself for an hour or two and find out. I plan doing it. I am sure the world will continue to spin for the two hours I take to turn things off. I am also sure that whatever I miss will be available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or WHATEVER to keep me up to date.

**P for Pocket Owl Press**

P.S. Post to come soon on how social media changed the way we do politics!


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