Super Shopper Saturday: A Guide to Shopping for the Vintage Loving Woman

Another post I wrote for JBR Clothing

JBR Clothing

With the holiday season here, we know many of you are spending you Saturdays inside of malls, boutiques, and all sorts of shops looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. We thought we would put together a quick shopping guide to help give you an idea of the items your friends may love! And if you find something you like on the post, you can conveniently forward this to a friend or post it on your Twitter and Facebook to help give everyone a hint 😉

We tried to find gifts that should be available at most local US retailers, and of course here at JBR, to make it easier for you to find and purchase everything you may need. What is even better, is now that most companies have shopping online, you can shop it all at the click of the mouse (Hear that men? If your…

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