Blah is, as Blah does

I clearly have hit a wall. A hardcore one at that. There have been moments where I have thought about writing. I have organized and planned what it was I wanted to say. But then when it came to creating full sentences and paragraphs I couldn’t.


I was really excited for break in December. I remember thinking, “OMG, I am going to do SO much writing. Like insane amounts. Like novelist crazy writing. I am going to do NANOWRIMO writing. YEAH. Kick ass!”

What ended up happening was this: Image

A whole lot of nothing.

I feel depressed about this fact, but also excited. Because in reality there was A TON that happened over break that I need to blog about. Here is a quick synopsis of stories that will follow in the next few weeks:

  • How my friend Vanessa broke her foot, in her SLEEP!!!
  • My completion of my first half marathon
  • A conversation with myself about health (it was interesting, I promise)
  • Dreams, goals, and inner secrets of a closet writer

What? These are old themes just rehashed you say? No, I think not.

Since the first of the year I have kept myself extremely busy. I know you are not at all surprised by that, but there was a lot of positive that has happened in the month that has passed. I want to challenge myself to chronicle it for the 8 followers I have and see if I can make any sort of impact. I mean, the reason I am writing is to try and touch someone…anyone….in a not creepy touching way, but emotionally touching one. I refuse to continue to allow myself to think of my writing as blah. Maybe my writing muscle is a little weak right now because we haven’t been working out. There hasn’t been a mental challenge for me to force myself past, but oh that is changed. I am excited. I really want to write all of the above posts for you. I cannot continue to be blah, like I tell my students, “Blah is as Blah does. If you write Blah, your grade will be blah.” This girl don’t play like that!

So get prepared for some kick ass posts over the next week.


**P for Pocket Owl Press**



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