A New Semester – The Positive

A new semester is upon us and I am reveling in the following two things that make me somewhat happy to be back at my institution:


1) Teaching morning classes means that my students smell fresh – While it can be a drag waking up between 5 to 6 AM, it is worth it to have students that are showered and smell clean. By the time they get to the 2:30 classes they smell like funk from sitting in their cars, smoking on campus, hitting the gym, you get the idea. I am ONLY teaching in the morning so I get them straight out of the shower. The even greater glory? They haven’t started partying yet, so no one is hungover either (JOY)!

2) Same ol’ duds different crowd – I am a normal red-blooded woman that enjoys clothing, shoes, and good hair. I have since passed the age of being able to purchase “back-to-school” clothes and must simply contend with recycling my old looks in new ways. This sometimes feels daunting when you have limited resources. But the wonderful thing is this – unless you have a ton of students that have chosen to take you for additional classes, your new semester brings new students who HAVEN’T seen your old wardrobe! It is like having the joy of new clothes and not feeling like you are wearing the same thing (OKAY, at least this is what I tell myself).


Honestly, these two simple facts make me smile in the morning and happy to be back in this routine. Sometimes it really is just the simple joys you have to look forward to.



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