New Orleans – What to Pack

I have been slacking on catching up on my blogging. Every time I say I am going to sit down and write, I invariably fall asleep. One of the hazards of working most days at 5:00 A.M. I promised myself today I would finally blog about New Orleans, but sadly I spent the day deep cleaning my home. While it was rewarding knowing that my floors are now so clean I wouldn’t have  a problem with a toddler picking food up on them, it didn’t allow me to have time to write.

As a compromise, I have decided to post what I packed for our trip. I made it my goal to not pack more than I needed. It was a test run for our 7 day Mediterranean cruise we are going to do in July. I will admit, I packed WAY too many shoes.

The Essentials:

  1. Invest in colored cotton tees: You can layer a well cut tee shirt with anything and make it look as dressy or casual as you like. The other great thing about these tees are you can roll them up to save space in your suitcase! I encourage you to buy cotton, it breathes in the heat and humidity, and if you get a little sweaty, they dry quickly. The other great thing about cotton is it washes well!
  2. One pair of good jeans:  I personally like dark wash jeans. I feel like they make me look slim in photos, and what woman doesn’t want that? I suggest taking a worn in pair, you do not want to be squeezing into new jeans for the first time on your trip. I also opt for jeans I can roll up and wear as capris. This makes me feel like I brought two different bottoms when I only brought one! The other great thing about dark wash jeans, if you spill something on it, you really can’t see it. I know that seems gross and more like a man, but really, you save yourself from over-packing.
  3. Versatile and COMFORTABLE shoes: Okay, this seems self-evident right? But really ladies, we all want to look good in those vacation photos we are going to post on Facebook when we get home, but don’t cheat yourself on your footwear! If you are going ANY place where walking is required 75% of the time, bring shoes that will not make your feet tired. I really suggest trying out several pairs. I brought my Toms as a back up for the sandals and booties I brought. Moving forward, I am looking to invest in some sturdy ballet flats or Jack Purcell’s for Europe.
  4. Shorts: Depending on the location you are traveling to, this may not be applicable. I personally hate being hot, and I would much rather have a pair of shorts to put on than sweating through jeans or a dress. I always pack one pair of black shorts. Black goes with EVERYTHING and if you picked bright colored tees to bring, they will make you look chic. I also suggest opting for shorts with an 5 inch inseam. These are usually dubbed “chino” shorts for women. I suggest this because again, if you are walking a ton, do you really want to contend with shorts riding up. Also, it is not a good look to have your butt cheeks hanging out!!! Have some class on your vacation!!!
  5. Cross Body Bag: I FIRMLYbelieve in cross body purses. I really hate feeling weighed down by a purse when I am trying to live like a local. I want to be able to just take the essentials: my cell phone, my camera, chapstick, and a small wallet that will only hold a credit card, ID, and cash. The other great thing about cross body bags are that they will be close to your body and I feel less worried about getting robbed. You can also use your cross body as a way to accessorize, so pick a color that will enhance your outfits.
  6. Accessories (In Moderation): I hate the feeling of frump towards the end of your trip. After you have been partying too hard, walking too much, and gorged yourself on food, accessories help to make you feel sprakly. My accessory of choice is a scarf. I love having scarves to layer on my outfits. Take only what you can layer with everything you have packed. This will alleviate any excess packing.
  7. Maxi Skirt: When I am packing for any vacation, I always want to make sure I have one “fancy” outfit. I never know if my husband will want to have one really nice dinner just us, so I always want to be prepared. My new go-to item “fancy” item is a black maxi, either asymmetrically cut or one that has a gather in the middle so it shows some leg. I love maxi skirts because I can wear heels underneath, sandals, or even sneakers! The maxi looks good with any top and you can roll it up and store it really tight.
Vacation Must Haves

Day 1


I wore dark skinny jeans, a light blue cotton top, and a cross body bag. Shoes of choice: Toms.

Day 2


Maxi skirt, royal blue long sleeve shirt, cross body bag. Shoes: sandals (this ended up being a bad idea and I changed into my Toms when we came back to the room after visiting the Garden District).

Day 3


Black shorts, white tee shirt, jean jacket, scarf, cross body bag. Shoes: Toms

Day 4IMG_9114

Skinny jeans, black tee shirt, cross body bag. Shoes: Toms.

 We were in New Orleans the first week of April, so the weather was pretty warm, with a threat of thunder storms. We got really lucky and didn’t get rained on until our last day. I would say that during the day, the weather was warm and mid 70’s, with humidity, at night it didn’t get colder than mid 60’s. I was able to go without a jacket every night we were there.

I hope if you find yourself planning a trip to New Orleans, that some of these tips will help with your packing.


M. Saenz

Pocket Owl Press

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