Moving Forward, Always Moving Forward

Have you ever notice that life keeps moving forward even when you would do anything to slow it down? It seems like just last week I was working nights, organizing Halloween events for work, staying at work until 2 AM, getting home at 3 AM. This past fall was one of the most amazing periods of life for me.

I have to say, there are very few things at work that are on my “bucket list” so to speak. Working for a large corporation allows for some wonderful opportunities and last year I got to check off a dream event. I was asked to co-chair a Halloween event that ran six weeks with one of my best friends. It was like getting paid to plan and organize a party I was throwing for myself…so to speak. During the entire month of October, we busted our butts to make sure each night of our events went as smoothly as possible, in the meantime, I was applying for another internal position.

I was told I got the new position in mid October, and the last week of October I started training for my new position as I was finishing out Halloween; saying I was exhausted could not have been more of an understatement! I felt sorry for my poor husband, I think most days I was napping by the time he got home from work. I could legitimately not keep my eyes open.

As November began, I started to notice I wasn’t getting my energy back, I still felt exhausted. So on November 4, I took a pregnancy test because things just were lining up to tell me, yeah you are pregnant. I took the test in the early morning before Jacob woke up, and a faint partial positive showed up. I thought to myself, okay, lets not get too excited, this can be a fluke I will try again tomorrow. So tomorrow came, and I tried again, and it was a little stronger, but still not a definitive YES! The following day I went and bought the easy to read pregnancy test that says “pregnant” or “not pregnant” Needless to say, it said pregnant.

I told Jacob the following day. This wasn’t a huge surprise for us, because we were trying to start our family, but for first time parents, this was such an amazing moment. Don’t worry, I video tapped telling him, so there is evidence of his reaction for later on.

In a whirlwind, we were celebrating my pregnancy, we were celebrating my birthday, going to New York, celebrating Thanksgiving, planning our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party, figuring out when/how to tell our parents and our friends we were pregnant, shopping for Christmas. In the last six weeks of the year it was like time escaped us. I feel like I looked up and there was the middle of January.

I have been wanting to blog and to start writing about all of these little nuances of pregnancy I am learning, but it just seemed like, well, time was running past me! And it is true in a sense. Jacob’s mom has been in and out of the hospital since before Thanksgiving, and the first trimester made me want to hibernate and sleep 18 hours of the day. I feel like I am finally hitting my stride in this second trimester!

I feel so truly blessed to be able to have this experience and to be counting down to the arrival of our child. I also look forward to writing and sharing more about it, because so far, the things that have been helping me is reading about other mom’s experiences. And as a first time mom, wow do I feel a little lost!

So hopefully here is to the start of a new year (okay, a little late), and a new chapter in my life and on this blog! I hope you all stick around to see how it goes!

Until Next Time,

M. Saenz
Pocket Owl Press

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