The Creep at the End of the Aisle

I am currently at 18 weeks pregnant. And can I tell you, it is a weird point for me to be at. I feel like there are things that I should be doing and am not, and at other moments I think there can’t possibly be anything that needs to be done yet.

I will say that I am starting to get anxious waiting to find out the sex of the baby. My husband and I will be going in for the 20 week appointment next Monday and it feels like an eternity away. It doesn’t truly matter what the sex is, although I am not so secretly hoping for a little girl, but I want to know to be able to start the shopping!

The only thing about shopping for ANYTHING currently is that Jacob and I really don’t know what we need and what we don’t. Like do we really need a play pen? Are the swing things worth it? But the biggest debate has been this: what stroller should we buy?

In the beginning, I had my heart dead set on a jogging stroller. I like to jog, and figured this would be to best choice. This all changed when I went to Target with my mom, aunt, and cousin. We went and looked at strollers and the wise women that they are said this “How are you going to get that huge thing in and out of your trunk with a baby?” or better yet “How are you going to fit that huge stroller in your trunk with groceries?” Ah, all excellent questions I had not even taken into consideration. And thus began my search for the perfect stroller.

The choices!


Now that I had a few new things to think about when hunting for the “perfect” stroller, I became driven to figure out what was going to meet all my needs and desires. I of course want something stylish, I want something functional, I want something with the tri-wheel look, I also want something that is going to last because we want more kids.

The only hard part about this search I am on is I don’t have any friends with little ones, or more accurately, I don’t have many friends who have had little ones very recently. I started my basic stroller search on the ever faithful Amazon. I just typed in stroller and started searching. The only hard thing about this is, Amazon is just like the shopping version of Google in my opinion. You get every option under the sun, but then you are stuck reading reviews and some of them are just no helpful.

After my Amazon search I was feeling a little over-whelmed and not prepared to start shopping for our little one. What I then started to do surprised me, I have taken to talking to random mom’s in public. I feel pretty weird going up to random women and asking them “hey what do you think of your stroller?” Well, that isn’t my opening line, my opening line is this, “Excuse me, I am so sorry to bother you, but I am a first time mom, and I really don’t have any girlfriends with kids, can you tell me about your stroller?” I think I do it with just enough sorrow in my voice to make the women feel bad for me, and I am lucky I have a kind face to not scare people off.

From the few people I have talked to this about, I guess it is normal and not frowned upon. I just feel so intrusive following women down aisles of Costco and Target, watching how their strollers handle and then deciding if it is worth it to ask them their consumer thoughts. In reality, I should really be paid by stroller companies for gathering so much data for them.


Jacob trying out a stroller


Then I hit gold after a a few weeks of stalking women, I was talking to my cubicle mates at work, and one of my girlfriends said she has a friend who has worked with Britax strollers. I immediately looked them up and they were one of the strollers I had seen that I liked from Amazon and that a few of the mom’s I have stalked were using. I took myself to my local Target to see the what they are like for myself, and can I just say, love at first push? Hmm or should I not say love at first push because that could be synonymous with birth? Too late, I am committing to my statement.

The Britax is so incredibly easy to break down, and it is light weight and I can lift it into the car! The only problem is this, selling the husband on it. Jacob likes to do his research, not a bad thing considering I was creeping on women at Costco, but he takes it to the next level. Price matches, safety, gadgets, ease of use, playing and testing, this guy does it all. So after almost 2 months of my own personal searching, we are now down to fighting between the two of us and what each person wants.

I got Jacob to go to Target about a week ago to see the Britax, and instead of loving it like I did, he just wasn’t impressed. He didn’t like that it doesn’t come with accessories and that you have to buy the car seat base for your car. Jacob fell in love with the Eddie Bauer stroller, and while it is nice, it is HUGE! I feel like it is going to be tough for me to break down.


Getting down to the details

So now we are at a stalemate. I clearly have my heart set on one thing, him on another. I can only imagine what things are going to be like when we need to start figuring out names! Oye Vey! I personally think that the only way I can make my point is to keep stalking women at Target and Costco to see what they think.

I will say this seems to be like the fun part, the planning and prepping! I can only imagine how crazy life will get once the baby arrives! But I can’t wait, 22 more weeks to go!

Until Next Time,

Pocket Owl Press


Jacob is clearly excited!

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