When One Door Closes

I know it is cliche to say that as one door closes, another one opens, but lately God is working like crazy in my life. Just as I was stepping away from my previous job, a new job opportunity came up. I applied for it. I thought that there was no way I would get an interview. Then I got an interview. I went to the interview and thought there was no way I would get a job offer. It was a company that seemed amazing. It seemed like a place I could start my long halted career. The day after my interview I was called and offered the job.

My heart stopped.

Jacob and I did some talking. It meant I would not be home full-time like we planned, in fact the opposite, I would be jumping into a full-time career. We would have to find child care. I would be driving an hour each way to work.

I prayed. I prayed real hard.

I am not the best with change. Proof is in the fact that I remained at a job the last 11 years when I knew my skills and education weren’t even being considered. I was too scared of what life would be like outside of my bubble. I had friends. I had stability. I had managers that seemed to respect me most of the time. I hate my job but I didn’t feel like there was anything else I could do.

We decided that it would be worth it to accept the offer. I mean, the job was only slated to be a three month contract anyways, what would it hurt? Here I am on the other side and in the middle of this new chapter. I have never been so scared. I have never been more excited. And I have never felt more nervous to be away from E for as long as I have been.

I know God is working in mysterious ways, just outside my field of vision. I am putting my trust in him right now. Whatever this path has on it, I can do it all through Him. This is where I am meant to be right now.

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