About Monica

This is me pretending to be fabulous….


This is me most of the time, semi-clean hair, trying to take a photo with a child that doesn’t care but wants to look at the bird/airplane/light above him.


I started this blog several years ago while I was teaching college writing. It was an outlet for the frustrations I felt at the time, but as I have grown, matured, and changed, so has my blog.

Now-a-days, I find myself trying to focus on raising my son and attempting to balance working full-time and meeting the needs of my family. A lot of my time in the last year has also been about discovery: Who am I as a mother? Who am I as a Wife? Who am I as a grown Daughter? Through each of these questions, I have learned that my day-to-day life is about the relationships I have with those around me. It isn’t about making enough money to afford a 3,000 sq. ft home. It’s not about buying enough shoes to fill two closets. It’s not even about “making it famous” as a writer. All I really need is those around me, which it how I came to be “Simply Saenz.”

I am here to write about living simply and honestly. I don’t want to pretend to be a person without flaws and without mistakes. I am learning each day a little more about who I am and want to be, but it is through Grace and God that I find my path a little clearer.  So I hope you can join me, and find a little humor and light to the lives we live every day and perhaps see the beauty in living simply.


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