Prayer Chain Request

I have been doing a lot of reflecting over the course of the last week. For those of you who read my last post, I added a post script to everything I had written talking about my continued gratitude that I was not locked down at the school I teach at, nor were any students injured. But when Friday arrived with the tragedy of what happened in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary I lost it, just like everyone else.

This post isn’t necessarily a discussion of what happened, what my theories are, no I am not going to post about the heroism of the adults who did everything in their power to protect their students, I am not talking about it because I think we have all read about it from other forms of media. I do not want to attempt to recapture or to re-post information everyone can access, I just want to say a few words that I need to get off my heart.

Just as most people can remember where there were when they heard about September 11, I am sure they will be able to remember this moment. It is something that we as a nation will never be able to forget. And with each new report, or funeral there are so many things I think of. Could we have changed this? How did it happen? Etc.

The another thought hits me after all the questions, that in reality, everyday there are children that are being hurt. Again, I am notdownplaying what has happened, what I am saying is that children are so innocent and pure, how can we continue to let things like this happen? It is something that happens in our backyards, in our towns, in other countries. Each day there are adults that take advantage of a child’s innocence, there are children recruited into fighting wars in Africa, or like at Sandy Hook, children are murdered. It seems like so much for us to try and fix.

No one has a magical wand that can be waved to heal the hurt of the world. I don’t expect that either, but I also can’t accept that this is something that can’t be eased either. I understand that as an individual with limited reach (shoot, I have a whole 8 followers), there is only so much that can be done, but I refuse to not even try.

So this week I thought about everything. I thought about how I could formulate my thoughts and express what it is I really want. And what I decided was this. As a woman of faith, particularly Catholic (but I am sure this will work for all faiths), what I really want to do is start a prayer chain of some sort. Now I know for those people who have no religion I just lost them, but for those of you that do should understand.

While we can donate money, build houses, sign petitions, protest, one of the other options we have is prayer. If we all come together and offer up prayer, true prayer from our hearts we will make a difference in the world. For the skeptics, I am not saying there will be a miracle (well, I can’t promise that), but what we are doing is petitioning the grace of God. Who knows, one child each day may be saved from something. I firmly believe what we send out into the world will have an affect. Whether it be positive energy waves, prayers, good karma, we are the ones in charge of being the change.

I feel like now is the time to do it! We are celebrating Christmas in a few days, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. How better to celebrate that than by lifting up prayers to help save children. I personally will be doing 3 Hail Mary’s. But what I want each of you to do it this, give up some thought, some prayer to the protection of our children. And it doesn’t literally mean just your children, because I personally don’t have any, but for any child that is in need. Let our prayers help them, lift them up in their moment of sadness, save them from sorrow. I plan on praying my 3 Hail Mary’s everyday from now until the end of 2013. Even if I end up being alone in this, maybe it won’t matter, because I know I can make a difference.

So what are you going to do? How are you going to send your positive thoughts into the world? Do it through the intentions in yoga, do it through the belief in karma, but please, just do something.